Dabbs Elementary Student ID Badge Policy

The purpose of this policy is to increase the site security at Dabbs Elementary.  Ensuring safety and security for all students and staff is our top priority each and every day. 
Student Identification Cards will be provided to every student.  EVERY student must wear their ID cards at all times while on school grounds.  
The following guidelines must be adhered to when wearing their ID Badges.
  • ID badges must be worn on a breakaway lanyard, furnished by the school, hanging from their neck.  (No outside lanyards will be allowed.)
  • The front and back of the ID badge must remain plain and free of stickers, markings, other photos, etc.
  • Lost, stolen, altered, damaged and defaced ID cards must be replaced immediately.
  • ID badges must remain at school, and not taken home. 
Cost for a new ID Card replacement is $5.00 (Badge, Sleeve and Lanyard). Or
Replacement Lanyards are available for $1.00.
Replacement Sleeves are available for $1.00.